Staycation ideas

With summer in full swing and the world still in quasi-isolation, thousands of would-be-travelers are biting their nails, awaiting the moment when airlines again hit the clouds and cruise ships take to sea. The wait is made all the more unbearable for many who have lost their jobs and are suffering financial set-backs.

The 2020 pandemic wreaked tremendous havoc in the travel industry, causing a 99% reduction in business for some airlines! For example, in May, Ryanair reduced its workforce by 3,000 and only continued 1% of flights. Other examples of travel industry carnage includes the lock-down of resorts (e.g. Disneyland and Disney World) cruise ships mothballed for months).

The travel industry isn’t the only sector of society suffering. It seems just about everyone is unhappy. By nearly EVERY measure, 2020 has been a miserable year. According to a recent poll from the University of Chicago, Americans are at their unhappiest level in 50 years! And what do most people do when facing misery? They look for happiness. And sometimes looking for happiness requires traveling for happiness. However, what do you do when you can’t take a vacation? Just remain miserable? Heck no! You go on a staycation.

Contrary to popular belief, staycations can be the source of some of the best “vacation” memories. It really boils down to good planning and knowing what’s available in close proximity to your home.

Think about the last time you traveled to an amazing place with tourists flocking everywhere. Where were the locals? Why are tourist attractions visited more by outsiders than insiders? Shockingly, many locals living by incredible tourist attractions simply choose not to “enjoy” the sights in their own backyards. Their excuses are many and include being “too busy” or complete ignorance of the attraction’s notability.

The reality is, you and I are the same as these “locals”. What attractions are we neglecting in our own backyards? It could be as simple as a fancy restaurant in town or that random museum you drive past every day on the way to work. What about the local community theater, orchestra, or community-league sports event? Is there a National Forest nearby? A campground? An historic site on the National Registry of Historic Places? As you begin to look in your own backyard, discoveries and options for a staycation will abound.

And with any “stay”cation, please remember to “stay” safe. Today’s pandemic world requires extra vigilance to fortify our health. If you travel, even across town to a restaurant, pack disinfectant wipes, such as the ones available from Melaleuca, for added vigilance to protect against contamination on tables, menus, and door handles.