Which are the most dangerous airlines?

Forbes magazine is known for its lists of the wealthy including the wealthiest people in America and the wealthiest people in the world. But did you know that Forbes also has a list of the Most Dangerous Airlines in the World? That’s right, and while world travel at a virtual standstill, tourists are itching to get out and holiday once again. So even though most aircraft are still grounded by the pandemic, here are the most dangerous airlines the steer clear of when airports once again welcome passengers en masse.

Which are the most dangerous airlines

When reviewing the Forbes list, a few common themes immediately rise to the top. (1) The most dangerous airlines tend to be from Nepal and Afghanistan, and (2) None of the airlines on the list are from North America or Europe.

Steer clear of Nepal

Nestled mainly in the Himalayas, and home to Mount Everest, the South Asian country of Nepal is a magnet for thrill seekers from around the world. However, if you’re planning on traveling to Nepal, please be aware that the country’s main airport has a notoriously tricky approach due to its proximity to the Himalayan mountain range. Because of this, a shockingly high number of airline crashes occur in Nepal. Here are a few Nepalese airlines that Forbes listed on their Most Dangerous Airlines in the World list.

Tara Air

Star rating: 1 of 7

Nepal Airlines

Star rating: 1 of 7

Stay away from Afghanistan

The counsel to stay away from Afghanistan shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering its decades-long history of never-ending wars. The war-torn nation also has an abysmal record for airline safety. The Forbes list only lists 7 airlines, and 2 are from Afghanistan (and of course, 2 are from Nepal). Here the dodgy airlines from Afghanistan to avoid:

Ariana Afghan Airlines

Star rating: None reported. However, as the national carrier, and with only five aircraft, they have experienced seven fatal incidents. Yikes.

Kam Air

Star rating: 1 of 7

This airline is so bad it is banned from flying in airspace over the European Union and the United States. Apparently the airline has a history of failing to mitigate fatal accidents AND bomb threats.

So, as tourists get eager to take to the skies once again, please don’t forget that air travel, even in 2020, can be deadly. And if your travel plans include flying on an airline in Nepal or Afghanistan, perhaps you should reconsider and plan a staycation instead.