What are the most dangerous vacation locations?

When it comes to vacation planning, usually we’re looking for a reprieve from the cares of life. There’s a reason it’s called “R&R” or “rest and relaxation”. However, not everyone is on the hunt for trouble-free white sandy beaches. In fact, instead of white beaches, there are many who are looking for white-knuckle adventure couched in danger! If you’re one of those thrill-seekers eager to live life on the edge and resist any notion of a staycation, here are some of the most dangerous vacation locations.

Baghdad, Iraq

Starting at the very top is Baghdad, Iraq. This, of course, should come as no surprise to anyone. However, what is a surprise is that many people still look to this place as a vacation location. Why? Good question. Aside from it being on the “do not travel” list for Americans, the place is quite welcoming to tourists. That is, of course, if you like the constant threat of insurgent attacks, terrorism, and unpredictable outbreaks of unrest.

If you happen to visit Baghdad, then you’ll not want to miss visiting the Iraq Museum and the Baghdadi Museum.

And as for hotels, I recommend staying at the Babylon Rotana.

Kabul, Afghanistan

Like Baghdad, Kabul is another war-weary city that has the ever-present threat of unpredictable bombings and violence. But hey, maybe it’s worth it if you want to say you’ve been in one of the most dangerous cities in the world. There are, though, some pretty amazing things to see in Kabul, including the Babur Garden, the Kabul Darul Aman Palace, and the Eidgah Great Mosque.

As for hotels, I recommend staying at the Kabul Serena Hotel or the Hotel Intercontinental Kabul.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Where the first two locations on this list were middle eastern locations, this third and final dangerous location is located in the Americas.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras, is full of violence and has one of the highest murder rates anywhere on the planet. The murder rate is 170 per 100,000. That’s astonishing!

However, people are willing to dance with danger in order to see the nearby Maya ruins and amazing beaches.

If you plan on visiting Sand Pedro Sula, I recommend staying at the Hyatt Place San Pedro Sula or the Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula.