Sanitation solutions while flying

Flying is gross.

Airports are filled with thousands of germ-carrying people carrying diseases from who-knows-where. Airport bathrooms are disgusting areas that are to be avoided at all costs, if possible. Food courts reek of a terrible mix of all sort of unpleasant odors. Add to that the greasy handrails, plastic benches, never-cleaned cushion seats, grimy phone kiosks, and how can we forget the TSA line! Yuck! People walking around in socks and bare feet, shoes being placed on the same conveyor belt as your laptop and bags! Think about where those shoes have been! What crap have they stepped in? The same is true with roller bags. Roller bags are as disgusting as the bottom of shoes. It really is appalling the amount of filth lingering in airports.

And this is all BEFORE you even board the plane. Once on the airplane, an entirely new set of grossness manifests. Seats with crumbs and poorly-cleaned stains. Magazines, screens, and armrests touched by dozens of people . . . NOT cleaned. Lavatory door handles that aren’t clean. Overhead bins crawling with germs from roller bags! *sigh* The list seems endless.

So, with such a paralyzingly long list of gross moments, how is it possible to create a sanitary atmosphere while flying? Well, first off, don’t expect airlines to do itfor you. This is a task that each flyer must take upon himself/herself, and to do so successfully requires the following three ingredients:

(1) Disinfectant wipes

Bring disinfectant wipes with you, like the ones that Melaleuca sells. These will be handy in wiping down seats, handles, and other publicly-touched surfaces.

(2) Hand sanitizer

Get in the habit of sanitizing your hands OFTEN. Basic travel-size bottles, like the ones sold at Walgreens, will suffice.

(3) An attitude of vigilant cleanliness

You must approach flying with the right attitude, which should be an attitude of aggressive cleanliness. After all, this is your health we’re talking about. Don’t cut corners. Treat every moment as a moment that could possibly sicken you.

Remember being safe while flying is more than hoping the plane doesn’t crash. It also means hoping your health doesn’t crash, either.