Where is the oldest person in the world?

A bit of stunning news arrived today from India, where officials claim they have stumbled across the oldest person on planet Earth. Well, they didn’t actually “stumble” across her, otherwise, she might have become quite injured. Medical professionals made the “discovery” while going door-to-door administering COVID-19 vaccinations. It was then that they learned one of their patients claimed to be 124 years old. And at 124, this would make Rehtee Begum not only the oldest person living today, but it would make the super-centenarian grandmother the oldest person on record–ever (sans Bible records, of course).

What’s just as astonishing as her stunningly old age is the fact that we’re just learning about her now! This begs the question: How many others in their 120s are out there? Chances are there are more than just Rehtee. The trouble in finding these old folks is many live in poor areas of the world where notoriety because of age isn’t foremost on their minds. Furthermore, because of the remote locations where they live, often record keeping is poor, which makes it even harder to verify a person’s age.

Take, for example, the Russian supercentenarian Koku Istambulova who in 2018 was reported to be 128 years old! Her story made news not only because of her old age claim, but also because she claimed to have never had a happy day in her life.

So, who is the official all-time old-age record holder? Well, that distinction belongs to Jeanne Calment, who lived in France at died at the age of 122!

So what are the keys to growing old?

Here are a few suggestions from interviews had with super geriatrics

(1) Don’t smoke

(2) Keep your mind active

(3) Keep your body active

(4) Plan vacations regularly

(5) Eat healthily