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Safety while traveling is a concern for everyone who has jetted off to destinations unknown. There is a general belief that paying more money will guarantee you security when the opposite is true most of the time.   Dress Down


Traveling is as natural to humans as breathing. From the time we’re born, we’re on the move. Some of us settle and travel a bit less–others go on and never stop. One thing that’s for certain is that the travel


Taking a trip to a trip to a distant destination can be very fun and exciting. While the trip can be very fun, the process of getting there and back often requires taking a very long plane trip. Fortunately, there


Adventure – Dave and I love adventure in our lives.  Even when we are at home we love to go climbing, snowboarding, and cycling…anything.  We can’t sit still and when we travel, we love finding new adventures to try.  There


Japan is one of the best and greatest winter destinations around the world. It boasts of world-class ski resorts that will surely blow your mind away. Here, you will have an incredible skiing time on amazing powder snow, which caters


I met someone the other day who didn’t like travelling. Has this ever happened to you? She was certainly the first person I’ve met in as long as I can remember who just didn’t feel the urge to take to


5 To-Dos for Extended Travel

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or this is your first long trip, leaving town for more than a month has unique to-dos that go beyond the tasks associated with a shorter vacation. Here are five things you should check off